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Introducing "Pam", the affectionate nickname for my very own sourdough starter. Named after my late mother who was a talented baker and cook, this starter has been well cared for and nurtured since January 2023. The result is a well-aged, bubbly, and wonderfully aromatic sourdough starter that is ready for you to take home and start creating your own homemade breads and treats. With "Pam" as your secret ingredient, you'll be able to enjoy the unique flavors and textures that only a true sourdough starter can provide. Bring a piece of my kitchen into yours with "Pam", and let the delicious baking begin!


For an additional $20, you can receive your sourdough in your very own bale wire jar, perfect for storage and display. Simply make a note when checking out that you would like your own jar, and we will take care of the rest.

Sourdough Starter "Pam"

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