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The dream of Traditional & Modernity

A long journey of dreaming big and chasing those dreams

Crooked Creek Farms is a look into how we are trying to live our lives just a little more simplistically. We are trying to live our life on the farm just a little closer to the land, using what we have available. Crooked Creek Farms is nestled along the bend of Shadwell Creek, in the community of Squaw Gap; right on the Montana/North Dakota border. 

It was started from a dream, myself; Hayley Darnielle had to be at home full-time. "We" includes my husband, Shayn; whom works full-time for Darrel Minow Grain & Catle, just down the road. Along with operating Crooked Creek Farms, we also have our biggest dream together, Darnielle Farms where we run 80 head of mixed angus cattle bred to Charolais bulls and farm a small amount of cropland. 

Crooked Creek Farms is a small raw-dairy, cage free egg and pasture-raised poultry farm. We are not "organic" or whatever that means these days, but we do what's best for our animals. If that means when they are sick and need antibiotics, we are not afraid to help them get better. Being skeptical of food label claims is totally understandable, but scientific evidence sure is hard to refute. So, to really drive home the importance of how your meat is raised as it relates to your health - I would never raise something that isn't happy or healthy.

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